Weekly Activities


7:00 pm - Evening Bible Study (Co-ed)
led by Pastor Steve
begins Sept. 11


9:00 am - Ladies' Bagel Bible Study

3:15 pm - Reading Buddies
Meet at the church at 3:00 pm and walk to Holliston School library
Volunteers Always Welcome!

7:00 pm - Prayer

7:00 pm - BSF Mens Satellite class
September to May 2019
LACC Fellowship Hall
"People of the Primised Land 1"
From Joshua to Solomon, we will see God's heart for His people -- His love, provision, holiness, leadership and faithfulness.
Since God doesn't change, we invite you to come discover God's heart for you and what that means in our world today!
For more information contact Kevin Giesbrecht at 306-382-0320


9:00 am - Men's Breakfast

7:00 pm - GriefShare
September 6 to November 29
For more information please call Ernie Friesen at 306-931-1297 or Lynn Ross at 306-382-4123


10:00 am - Prayer